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PMP Family Show Series



Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden



Ty Baker (Art Director)


Designed social designs to introduce Madison Square Garden's family shows in partnership with PM Pediatrics. Fun and whimsy were the center themes I explored. I sought out how usual concert items like spotlights and microphones could be transformed into kid-friendly designs. The colors are also saturated reflections of the various venues which the shows take place at (Hulu Theater, Radio City, Beacon Theatre, and Madison Square Garden.) While these weren't implemented, the team was proud of the work we accomplished.

Previous Design Examples

Initially, I started out with a playground concept, turning each venue into a fun escape for children. We pivoted into concert specific items such as boomboxes, stages, and microphones. While the grid design includes these items, it also plays as a top down view of a concert stage with the thrust extending downwards. With the microphone design, I turned the essential concert item into a friendly mascot.

Style Guide

Inspiration and style guide I followed for the above designs.

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